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More videos In Sickness, in Health They both talk about how hard it was to maintain their relationship during this time. Patrick Jacob’s wife, Mel, has become resigned to the rapt audiences her husband draws. She has her own story: It was going to be about a mothers’ group. And then her husband was sent to jail.

Either way, it works a lot like searching for a book at the library: Officers click a shortcut on their computer desktop to open a window that will let them search by name, license number, date of.

The numbers are surprising: According to federal statistics , the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty is at an historic low. The nationwide number actually dropped 40 percent — from 68 in to 41 in The numbers have been on a downward trajectory for years, and Tasers are in part, credited. But there are other reasons, too, like the fact that overall violent crime is down, police wear super high-tech bullet-proof vests today and some 2.

Meanwhile, the stats on the number of American citizens police have killed in that timespan are much more elusive. According to this report unverified , 9, people were killed by cops from through , an average of a year, one a day. These recent DOJ numbers jibe , with 1, killed by police from Amnesty International says people have died from police Tasers since Now, frankly, if those people were all violent criminals who posed a real danger to the police officers or civilians, I could live with that.

Some of these taser victims died. One ok, in Australia burst into flames, another was left with burns in his anus, and yet another, a year-old girl, got it in the head — running away after a dispute with her mother over a cell phone caution, graphic. When Reason wrote about Tasers in , there were 6, law enforcement agencies employing Taser guns.

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