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Hood Rats Gone Wild LITE


Share via Email This article is over 3 months old Issa Rae, the creator and star of Insecure, which has appealed to a multiracial audience. Insecure has already won the actor-writer-director a Peabody award , while Golden Globe and Emmy nominations have rolled in for the show. To say that she is having a moment might be something of an understatement. The show went viral on Facebook and propelled her to create Awkward Black Girl which then became a cult phenomenon, picking up millions of viewers on YouTube in In it, she depicted the daily inanity of office life, the humdrum of millennial anxiety and the ups and downs of dating in LA — an otherwise unremarkable and universal set-up — except that the central cast were black.

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How The Course Works The Rationale Of The Course Learning to write in a style is learning an activity – like playing the violin, sprinting, pole-vaulting, sparring, riding a horse. This course and the book that grew out of it teach an activity, not a content. Students consider the concept of style and learn to notice style, to recognize styles, and to analyze styles.

Analyzing them makes it much easier to acquire them. A style consists of a conceptual stand on some basic intellectual questions that are the elements of style. Learning to write in a style is learning to inhabit its conceptual stand. We select one style, classic style, for daily practice. Classic style is a general style, suitable for presenting anything, accessible to anyone who wishes to learn it.

Although there are many distinguished classic writers who work in English, and although workaday classic style is widely used in journalism, advertising, and instruction in English, classic style is not a routine style in the English-speaking world and is almost never taught in its schools. This unfamiliarity with writing in classic style actually makes it easier for the student to recognize that classic style is a style, to detect the classic stand, and to practice classic style without sliding into intuitive and unconscious but poorly developed or incoherent former versions of it.

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