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Hood Black Videos


Hood Rats by C’Moore Productions most black men find it easier to settle for a hood rat because While the hood rats are at the grocery store with their borrowed Vision card. Real women are in college, into their careers, or on their jobs working hard.

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Our Story A little bit about us.. Kathy and Jonny met at the Air Force Academy and were assigned to the same basic squadron. This meant that after going through basic cadet training together, they were in the same squadron for the first two years of the Academy. But they did not really get to know each other until the second semester of freshman year when they sat next to each other in a 7: Jonny, being a morning person, would always make sure to keep Kathy awake in this class.

They quickly became the best of friends and remained best friends all throughout college. They never really thought of the other as more than a friend and if you had told them freshman or sophomore year that they would get married, they would have both laughed true story. But God had something different planned for them and entering senior year, they decided to take a leap of faith and began dating which, in hindsight, was probably the best decision they ever made.

They graduated from the Academy in June and spent that summer travelling the world with their two best friends. They are looking forward to finally living together in Minot, North Dakota this summer!

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