The post-soviet nations after independence


1. Historical and cultural overview of USSR4
2. Culture and change: transformation of national identity12
2.1 Ukraine12
2.2 Moldova13
2.3 Belarus13
3. Languages in the former Soviet Republics: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus15


Relevance of the research topic. In the modern world, for each state, the issue of national identity is one of the most important. Without national unity, a sense of national community, common shared national interests and values, it is impossible to imagine a strong and stable state. The stronger the national unity, the higher civil liability and the greater the likelihood of joint action in the name of their nation.
The modern period of development of the post-Soviet states is the period of nation-building and the formation of national identity, which is not completed in most states of the region. In the early 1990s. a unique state disappeared from the political map of the world - the Soviet Union, and with it a unique supranational community and socio-ideological construct - the “Soviet people”. Obviously, as a result of the collapse of the USSR, close inter-republican ties were severed. The role of the once united cultural and historical Soviet space is gradually decreasing.
Obtaining independence by states did not entail the immediate consolidation of citizens into a single nation. Since the nation is formed not just in the process of a long historical development, but is the result of targeted efforts by the intellectual elite and the state (constructed), the national elites of the new independent states turned to the formation of strategies for building a nation and national identity.
The Commonwealth of Independent States occupies a key place in Russia´s foreign policy. These countries belong to our closest geopolitical environment. Russian economic and security interests are concentrated here. Therefore, for Russia, the issues of national self-identification of new independent states are extremely important. First of all, this concerns Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova - the states of civilization and culture that are closest to us, whose political, economic, and socio-cultural development is of strategic importance for Russia.
The goal of the work: analyzing functioning of the post-soviet nations after independence.
The tasks of the work:
1. to learn historical and cultural overview of USSR;
2. to examine culture and change such as transformation of national identity in Ukraine, Moldovaand Belarus;
3. to analyze the language question in the former Soviet Republics such as Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

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